We are TrueBridges.

Align. Integrate. Perform.


At Truebridges we believe that a positive mindset and behaviours drive alignment, integration and performance.

At Truebridges we believe that a positive mindset and behaviors drive business alignment, integration, well-being and performance.

That’s why we focus on aligning strategy, integrated planning, supply chain integration and the leadership mindset and behaviours to support this.

Our purpose is to bring positive change. Our mission is to change mindsets and align and integrate businesses in order to improve individual and corporate performance.

Our Strategy Alignment Model measures business confidence in Strategy Execution and aligns leaders around a strategy. We develop integrated Supply Chain and Integrated Planning capability to provide executives with forward visibility on budget and strategy performance. We coach in positive mindsets and Effective Leadership Behaviors to increase self and team awareness and excellence.

Let us help you to create a positive mindset, integrate your business, break down the functional silos, connect your people to your strategy, create true alignment and increase excellence in your leaders and trough them, in your organization.

With a blended approach of coaching, facilitating, consulting, simulations and education, we work with you to achieve sustainable results. We are change focused as we understand that transforming a business is a complex journey for an organization and its employees.

Give us a call to find out how we can help your business to align, integrate & perform.

Hi, I’m Niels. Founder of Truebridges.

Before starting Truebridges, I improved business performance as consultant, performance coach, global supply chain manager and integrated business planning manager in a variety of countries, industries and companies for over 18 years.

I combine my experiences and passion as accredited Mental Toughness master trainer to coach individuals on effective mindset and behaviours. I consult organizations in strategy alignment, supply chain management and integrated planning & forecasting.

My purpose is to bring positive change and energise individuals and businesses. My goal is to improve performance and make individuals and business be themselves at their best. 

The most rewarding moments in my career are those when an individual or business is satisfied with my services and provides me positive feedback as you can read below.

  • “The Mental Toughness survey and workshop gave me a lot of valuable insights in how to improve my own and my team’s performance”
    IBP Manager McCain Foods
  • Niels is an exceptional project manager who is really easy to work with. He really does practice what he preaches  in terms of Mental Toughness and leadership. Without Niels I don’t think we would have got the outcome we did
    GM Planning Super AMart
  • 'Niels was able to gain respect and trust within days which allowed him to execute our brief and more. I would recommend Niels to anyone looking to sustainably improve their structured planning processes.'
    General Manager Costa Group
  • 'Engaging Niels and Mental Toughness has enabled us to become more self-aware, increased our conscious ability to prioritise and has improved team productivity'
    Supply Chain & Procurement manager Thank You Group
  • "It was a great experience and excellent outcome for the team to work with Niels. He was able to clearly identify what was needed to quickly simplify and improve our processes and systems."
    COO Healthy Warriors