Integrated Planning & Forecasting

Check your business health with a rolling forecast and communicate actionable outcomes to focus your organization on achieving business objectives.


Integrated Planning & Forecasting capability is vital to connect strategy and budget to execution. In our fast changing world, year on year resource allocations for many business stay similar for well over 90%. Yet, companies that periodically reallocate resources earn on average 30% higher total returns to shareholders.

Having a periodic integrated planning and forecast update for key business areas and P&L line items, enables executives to review gaps to budget, execution of strategic initiatives, assess changes in business risks and opportunities and re-allocate resources. In addition, short term forecasting capability increases service levels and reduces, inventory and waste.

Our approach in developing integrated planning & forecasting capability includes:

  • Assess your integrated planning & forecasting maturity
  • Design & implement new planning processes.
  • Planning system maturity and system needs assessment.
  • Assess and align your operating model.
  • Market and customer segmented planning & forecasting.
  • Reducing inventory & working capital.

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