Leadership Effectiveness

Develop leaders with an effective mindset and behaviours to improve your business performance.


Company cultures with effective behaviours outperform the least effective organizations on Motivation (+36%), Inter-unit coordination (+26%), Organizational quality (+29%) and External adaptability (+35%). Mental Toughness explains up to 25% of the variation of performance in individuals.

Increase the effectiveness, sustainability and performance of your business by using peer proven psychometric tools and coaching to improve leadership effectiveness. Our accredited coaches offer:

  1. Mental Toughness development
  2. Constructive behaviour improvement

Our approach includes:

  • Assess the Mental Toughness of your leaders
  • Mental Toughness workshops (download brochure here)
  • Assess the behavioural effectiveness of your leaders
  • Define and execute a transformation program
  • Coach your leaders to improve
  • Team alignment simulations
  • Trust & collaboration workshops

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